State-wide Awareness Campaign, Islam for Peace, Progress and Salvation, 12-21 January 2018

  • State-wide Awareness Campaign, Islam for Peace, Progress and Salvation, 12-21 January 2018
    State-wide Awareness Campaign, Islam for Peace, Progress and Salvation, 12-21 January 2018
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Nagpur : The world is nearing the completion of 2nd decade of the 21st century. This century will be remembered for the astonishing advances made in the field of Communications& Technology. With this revolution, Global is the new Local. Our country has also progressed a lot since Independence. But this progress is not on the lines, which was envisioned by our forefathers who fought for the Independent India. Progress or Development is the most often used word in our nation today. Everywhere, every party is busy chanting this same word. In the last 3-1/2 years, since the current Government took over, the ideologies and policies of which we are aware of, the word 'Development' is being chanted in every gathering, but under their rule the situation is chaotic and laced with anarchy where deaths due to malnutrition and farmer suicides are order of the day. The government which came to power with the agenda of Development has stepped aside from the same and started working on its own hidden agenda. This is the sole reason of us seeing a decline in every sphere of life. Our economy is anyway on the downward slide, along with it are Humanity and Brotherhood amongst communities. 

Jaamat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra chapter, having felt its moral, human and civil responsibility has pledged to show the path of Peace, Progress and Salvation to the citizens of this State; help in binding the citizens together as one Unit; and work towards bringing the citizens out from the hold of Fear, Harassment, Chaos and Anarchy. With this thought, we have planned a state-wide campaign titled 'Islam for Peace, Progress and Salvation' from January 12-21, 2018. Under this campaign, we will work towards removing the misconceptions prevalent amongst the citizens of Maharashtra related to Islam and Muslims, and strive towards replacing the atmosphere of Fear with an ambience of Love and Brotherhood. We have indeed worked on similar lines in the past as well which had very positive results. Fair, Justice-Loving and tolerant organizations and personalities who are anxious about the country's current conditions are supporting us in this campaign. 

Jaamat-e-Islami Hind feels that the development of the nation is possible only when education, employment, justice, nation's resources and ample opportunities are available to all citizens of the country. Present state is such that almost 70 crores of the nation's population is living adjacent to the Poverty Line and over 17 crore people are forced to live below the poverty line, 22% of Maharashtra's poor population resides in the 4 biggest cities of the state — Mumbai, Purre, Thane and Nagpur. Mumbai's Dharavi has the honour of being called Asia's largest slum! Also, in the last 2 years, Maharashtra government has made huge cuts in the Social Welfare budget of the state. Budgets are already low and the allotted amounts are also not spent on the welfare of the citizens. This year, the state spent just 0.49% of its GDP under the head of Public Health spends, leading to the death of children due to malnutrition and starvation in the state. Leprosy, Tuberculosis and other communicable diseases are on the rise. Citizens across the state are struggling with similar kind of problems. In such a situation of poverty and backwardness, unless everyone rises against communal mind-set and works together towards the State's development, true development is not possible. 

For this campaign, we have divided Maharashtra into 7 units and allotted a moving caravan to each unit, which will visit various towns and villages of the unit and propagate the Islamic message of Peace, Progress and Salvation. During this campaign, we will be doing one-on-one meets and large gatherings as well, where people from all religions, caste, creed and language will be brought together. We will also try and correct the misconceptions regarding Islam and Muslims prevalent in our society today, due to which all terrorist and extremist activities are looked through a particular lens resulting in leading astray of common folk and filling hatred among them for Muslims so that they are caught in this web and are not available to cater to their basic needs and contribute in the true development of the State and Nation. With this Special campaign, we have set a target of reaching to 4 crore people of this state to share the right message. 

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