Shivsena Activists Argue Before Rawate

  • Shivsena Activists Argue Before Rawate
    Shivsena Activists Argue Before Rawate
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State Transport Minister and Shiv Sena Vidarbha's head of the party, Divakar Rao, was attacked on Sunday by the Shiv Sainik local leadership. Making an allegation of weakening the organization by doing BJP work in the elections, he insisted that they do not have to sit with their neighbors. Eventually, Raote said that he would intervene and lead a 'change of leadership if needed.' Apart from this, taking a meeting of the BJP and taking the old posters back to the main stream, he also suggested.

Shiv Sena's meeting took place in the afternoon at Ravi Bhavan. In this, the contact chief Diwakar Ratote learned the feelings of the chief officers and the Shiv Sainiks. At this time five Shiv Sainiks raised the criticism of local leadership. District chief Satish Harde, city-chief Suraj Goge were on this target of criticism. Central Nagpur Division no. From 20, Shiv Sena candidate and Deputy Chief Minister Moreshwar Wankhede has made serious allegations against Harde and Gojon. He accused Goge of spreading the BJP's scarf. Wankhede was defeated by a lot of fanatics.

South Zone Organizer and Candidate Rajesh Kanojia also expressed their views in a very emotional meeting. Uttar Pradesh chief Kishore Thakre also expressed his anger over the district chief's heart. Deputy Chief Tinku Digana also demanded a change of both the leadership. Former corporator and sub-district head Bandu Talvekar also complained about the leadership of Harde and Goge. As the crowds complain, Raote will take action in a Mike's hand and inquire about the action taken by the party. District President Satish Harde could not be contacted in this regard.

In the meantime, Raote said that during the NMC elections, the candidates who came in the party and made the main stream in the main stream. A meeting of these will be held soon. He also instructed the Shiv Sainiks to work for strengthening the party organization. The meeting was attended by group leader Kishore Kumaria, former district chief Shekhar Sawant, corporator Mangla Gave, former corporator Jagatharam Sinha, Kishore Parate, Ganesh Doifode and other office bearers.

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