Shiv Sena in judicial dispute

  • Shiv Sena in judicial dispute
    Shiv Sena in judicial dispute
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A statement has also been issued to the Shiv Sena on behalf of the ongoing secession on the Supreme Court judge dispute. Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray says, is this a conspiracy and is trying to make the law dumb deaf.

On the issue of Justice Loya's death, Shiv Sena said that investigation of the matter is very important. Uddhav said that whatever happened on Friday is going to shake. We should understand that why did the judges take these steps? All the four pillars of democracy have to stand if they fall on each other, it will be extremely dangerous.

Let the senior judges of the Supreme Court be upset over the disturbances in the judiciary. Earlier, the judges also discussed this with Chief Justice of India (CJI) several times, but after no solution, they decided to come forward to the media.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice Chelameswar and Justice Madan Bhimrao were present at the 4 Judge Press Conference on Friday. The judges said that in the judiciary everything is not going well for a few months and if this happens then democracy can not function.

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