Polling for by-elections today

  •  Polling for by-elections today
    Polling for by-elections today
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Manish nagar- Narendra nagar ward no. Of vacant vacant due to accidental death of young corporator Nilesh Kumbhare By-elections are being held on Wednesday, October 11 in 35 (A). Over the past week, all the candidates have strongly campaigned. Visiting the house and asking votes for votes All the candidates in the ring have claimed the victory by watching the response from the voters. However, there are four main candidates in the contest. Polling will be done from 14 booths to 43 booths from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. Counting of votes will take place at 10 am on Thursday, 12th October in Savings Bhawan, Hotel Hardev. The franchise decision of the eight candidates in the ring will be 5,6693.

BJP has fielded Sandeep Gavai, Congress has fielded Pankaj Thorat in the Mango bypoll. Nandan Jhadap by Basapar, And Vandana is alive in the battle with the repetition. Besides, Shashikant Naranvare, Manoj Ingle, Sunil Kawade and Gautam Kamble are also in the fray. In the multilateral ward system, the three corporators presently belong to the BJP. This is the right side of the BJP. Pankaj Thorat is known as a familiar face because Congress has been in the fray for the last two elections. Former corporator Nanda Jhadapay took the BSP's candidature. In the drama, Vandana lives in the ring in all the ranks of the RPI. He contributed to the campaigning along with the left parties.

Sandeep Gavai was earlier a BJP corporator from Kukde Le-Out. After that, he also got a fate in the Vidhan Sabha, Vidhan Parishad elections. The BJP has done a big strategy for their victory. All the BJP corporators, office bearers and minister of the minister also asked for a vote. Pankaj Thorat of Congress gave his call to voters as his son. Youth Congress workers have worked hard to win.

Congress leaders also made the rounds for Thorat. Ripai's Vandana Jeevan also brought together the RPI leaders and sent an emotional call. He has given a call to strengthen the movement and to give a chance for the development of all the societies. Banda's Nanda Jhadap is the former corporator. Once that repetition was elected in the Menta. In the past, the NCP and the BSP are in the fray. Apart from this, independent candidates have also been promoted in the penal code. It will be clear who will win the election by 11 o'clock on Thursday morning.

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