Not Due To Pesticide, System Is Responsible For Their Death, Janmanch Alleges

  • Not Due To Pesticide, System Is Responsible For Their Death, Janmanch Alleges
    Not Due To Pesticide, System Is Responsible For Their Death, Janmanch Alleges
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Farmers sprayed cotton on the ladders to harvest larvae. In fact, it was the death of those who died, not for them. After poisoning, the hazardous chemicals were expected to be comforted. However, it does not seem to happen. Suicides of deaths in villages, whether pesticides are now killed; Demonstrations have been done for Death Tourism. The hospitals in which the lives of farmers have died, the situation is extremely painful. Government hospitals are in alarming condition even than the hospitals in the villages. The Government and the system do not feel serious in any form of kastakara death. Therefore, the fatal slogan that left these people insecticides and not of pesticides, left public and pains on Monday.

So far 20 poultry farmers and agricultural laborers have been killed in Yavatmal district alone due to hazardous chemicals in pesticide. The government Medical College, which saw the death of the highest number of farmers a month, saw the fact that the ward attached to the Medical College in Yavatmal and the ICDS visited the Janamanch team on Saturdays. On this backdrop, the Chairman of the Prime Minister Adv. Anil Kilor, Dr. Pinak Dande, Pvt. Sharad Patil, former Vice Chancellor of Punjab State University, Dr Sharad Nimbalkar highlighted various aspects while presenting the inflammatory reality of Yavatmal Medical College.

While presenting a horrendous fact as medical expert in Yavatmal Government Medical College, Dr. Dande said, 'Yavatmal Medical College is a tertiary hospital. However, there is no less than the Dharmashala in the ICU department. After entering the ICU, it is a critical care unit, that the general ward remains unanswered. We interacted with the families of poisoned farmers If the poisoned patient was on ventilate on the bed in a semi-infested state, then the disgraceful empire of neighboring dirt was found. There was a cure for the patients' relatives. Patients with high levels of seizures are at risk of pandemic. Cleanliness was not found here. Resident doctors have not even been found to be the senior doctor to monitor patients from time to time. Farmers also had to buy medicines. Therefore, it is necessary to create a new post-mortem while conducting a regional audit of this death. '

While nurturing the technical aspect of this subject as an expert, Dr. Nimbalkar said, "The mechanism of the pesticide was already dead during the spraying process, keeping the gun on the other's shoulder." Basically this is a collective failure. There are specific laborers working in the rural areas. There are only a hand spraying pesticides. They are the victims of this incident. Despite knowing that insecticides would have disastrous effects on the body, agricultural departments and researchers failed to provide technical training. The research done by the universities has failed. Despite the fact that the BT varieties are not convincing, the company surrendered to the companies risked the life of kastakara. The basic question of survival of those who have been hampered is permanent. Thus, there is a continuation of dry sympathy with death tourism on death death. Rather than standing behind them, help them with urgency.

Advocating in favor of legality Anil Killor said, 'The state of Yavatmal district is not only miserable, but it is tremendous. The state of primary health centers in remote areas is alarming. Not only human strength but also simple medicines are also cool. There is a leader in power that there is a government servant for them, but the dead are not killed in rural areas. The Chief Minister has time to investigate the people who have gone to the Elphinstone Bridge. However, even plain words are not pronounced on those who die in remote areas. Therefore, the commission will also conduct a survey of the primary health centers in the rural areas on the basis of public irrigation. "

'Start the crime of homelessness from the farmers'

In the case of farmers, the practitioner Prof. Sharad Patil said, "The agriculture department has not taken any cognizance of any kind of medicines against the farmers. Agricultural officials did not see this while pesticides companies were buying unsuspecting medicines. There is no technically trained training on how to use medicines. "Where a person is hungry, he can teach wisdom. Whomever you post blame He also expressed his anger that the farmers should start filing criminal cases against them.

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