Nagpur metro railway plan for smart travelling

  •   Nagpur metro railway plan for smart travelling
    Nagpur metro railway plan for smart travelling
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Nagpur : The decision has been taken to make Manpaka one step ahead of 'Smart City' journey too. Under this, Metro Rail passengers will be connected with city bus transport. For this, Mobility Card will be an opportunity to travel both. It is possible to travel both the services at a nominal rate of Rs 50 per day. The talk for this is in the final phase. There is such a service in Mumbai. If this experiment is successful in suburban level, it can help reduce the traffic jams in the city.

The roads of good governance now flow with bikes and four-wheelers. Traffic on all roads is getting stuck. Efforts are being made to reach any part of the city in 20 minutes due to this crowd. Since the city is heading towards Smart Look, it is a great challenge to reduce the number of vehicles in the road. Road accidents will decrease if the number of vehicles running on the roads decreases. Currently, Manpat also has a number of smart bus services for city bus passengers. By 2019, the Metro rail service will also serve Nagpur. Therefore, Nagpur will have transportation options. However, connecting bus and metro railways can provide relief to the passengers. For this reason, NMC Transport Department will try to implement Mobility Card project.

In Mumbai, Mobility Card is being issued by Best and Local and Metro Railways. Only around 50 rupees can be booked anywhere in the day. This experiment can be successful if metro begins in suburban area. That's why Mobility Card can be used. Initial discussions with the Metro Railway Administration have been discussed. Union Minister of Transport and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is also very supportive. He has taken the initiative for this. Chairman of Municipal Transportation Committee, Bunty Kukde has tried to make this experiment a success. If the metro rail starts, this service has been decided to connect to the city bus transport. Mobility cards can be used anywhere in the day. Star Bus stands near every metro station. After showing the card, they can also travel. This will not make the passengers difficult to travel by frequent tickets. There will also be a plan to give a 'monthly card' if the experiment is successful.

Responding to the service will help improve the health of the city. Vehicles on roads will be reduced. Which will protect the environment. The contaminated gas emitted by the vehicle's fuel will spread to a lesser extent. Fuel saving will be bigger too. In the city, there are now over 12 lakh bikes and the number of all four wheelers is 10 lakh. If 50 percent of these vehicles are running every day on the roads, then there will be an environmental crisis in the city. Everyday billions of crores of fuel are blowing daily by Nagpur. Instead, if the Metro service is available without any hassle in the Nagpur bus service, the city's transport service will be helpful.

This service also requires discipline in the city's road transport services. Today there is a crowd of vehicles in every street of the city. Two-wheelers and four-wheelers are increasing day by day. According to the figures, 55% of bike, 6% pedestrians, 9% public bus transport, 10% four wheelers, 8% bus and 11% auto use are used in the city streets. If you add metro rail and bus service, the traffic congestion on roads will be reduced. Traffic will also be discharged by roads.

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