Maneka says do not kill Tiger!

  • Maneka says do not kill Tiger!
    Maneka says do not kill Tiger!
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Two shooters have been called to tranquilize cannibal wagon from the forest department for three months. One of them is forest department and another is from the organization of Maneka Gandhi. He told Gandhi that he was trying to kill the Tiger. Gandhi urged the state Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar not to kill Tiger after discussions with him. Gandhi talked to Mata about this information.

The wagon, which was seated in Katol taluka for four days, was on Tuesday night in Rangbodi Shivar. On Wednesday morning, at 10 in Kondhal tehsil of Kondhali forest area reached Kavdemeth area. The shooter was also deployed. However, the forest department has clarified that it is not suitable for geographical shoots. Initially, the traveler who traveled about 25 km traveled only three km on Tuesday night. After that, he was sitting on the edge of a gutter in the Kawadi Meeth area. At around 8 in the night, she returned to her place and started traveling towards Dhotwada, Khapa. The Bor Sanctuary is 10 km away from Khapa.

Forest department sources said that there is a conflict in the shooter called to catch cannibal Tiger. Waseem, who came from Maneka Gandhi's organization, has the ability to tranquilize the Tiger. But Nawab, who came from Hyderabad, argued that Tiger should be killed. It is also said that due to their differences the forest officials were also angry.

Tiger decision today!
The Bombay High Court on Wednesday reserved its order after a long hearing on the order passed by the Forest Department for killing a cannibal who was released from Bore Wildlife Sanctuary. Today, it will be decided on Thursday.
Dr. Jaril Banaayat claimed that the order to kill Waghini was not done according to the criteria set by National Tiger Conservation Authority. Judge of the High Court Bhushan Dharmadhikari and Justice A division bench of Justice Swapna Joshi was hearing before. The petitioner presented question marks on the validity of the order given by forest department to kill Waghini. Claiming that the Wolf had killed civilians in the area, there was no evidence to prove that there was a leopard attack.

In the meantime, Kartik Shakul presented proof that Tiger, who killed civilians in Brahmapuri forest area and killed two people in Bor Sanctuary, is the only one. A radio caller was tied to the wagon from the Brahmapuri area. The same wagon has now attacked six people and two people have died. More than that, evidence has also been given that the victims of the meat were killed. Therefore, according to the norms given by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, it is declared as the cannibal. In the same way, there is a plan to kill such dangerous wild animals. According to that provision, Tiger has been ordered to be killed. At the same time, efforts are being made to seize the waghini unconditionally. However, there is scarcity of cotton and grass in the area. 

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