Flag against assistant commissioner Vijay Humane

  • Flag against assistant commissioner Vijay Humane
    Flag against assistant commissioner Vijay Humane
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Due to the Municipal Corporation's efforts, the students taking the problem of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia's reading room and Mrs. Usharani women's library run in Ashoknagar, in Nagpur, have not been satisfied yet, they have shown signs of protesting against the office of Assistant Commissioner of Aasinagar Zone Vijay Humane outside the library. Students are accused of offering free money to help solve this problem and solve problems. On October 9, the mayor and commissioner Ashwin Muggal visited the reading room and found problems. Still, student anger seems to be permanent.

The students handed over the list of basic and essential needs of the library to the Commissioner on 7th October. In view of the inspection of the students, the Commissioner also issued instructions for urgent works. Also, he also gave a promise to visit the library. However, students who are preparing for the competition exams by the students, who have given the students the attitude of the students, are still not ready. In this library, IAS, Maharashtra Public Service Commission, has gone to big posts through banking, rail and other examinations. Today students who take examinations of many big posts are studied here. Some people do not accept the job even after getting a job, they are preparing for the test again. The manner in which such students behaved as a boy, the students are very angry. Students have been accused of arguing with an officer when they are expected to behave properly with the students. Students complained to the commissioner about this.

Four hundred to five hundred students come to the study every day in these libraries. There are students preparing for the Academy and competition exams. It is a library which is owned by the Municipal Corporation and is open for 24 hours. Students, however, do not get them. Many municipal officials and people's representatives also requested for this. However, after the question was not settled, finally the anger among the administration was spread among the students.

The students of the library, Subodh Chhande, Nikhil Ramteke, Shashikant Raut, Ishant Sahare, Shubham Bodale, Shivam Gharade, Palash Meshram, Rajinikant Dakate, Om Pardeshi, Suraj Kumbhare, Amol Ganavir, Rohit Nandeshwar, Rajesh Chandekar, Aditya Nagar, Piyush Meshram, Prakash Patil, Kapil Moon, Ashish Awale, Shreyas Latkar, Satyam Ramteke, Pallavi Balpande, Priyanka Indurkar, Ashwini Thaware, P. Iti Gajbhiye, Sonali Gajbhiye, Priyanka saakhare, Twinkle Somnathe, Kvita Vasanik.

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