Cockpit connection to Falcon plane in Nagpur begins

  • Cockpit connection to Falcon plane in Nagpur begins
    Cockpit connection to Falcon plane in Nagpur begins
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In the Dhirubhai Ambani Aerospace Park in Mihan-SEZ, entrepreneur Anil Ambani's company Dasault Reliance Aerospace Limited (DRAL) has started production of Dassault Aviation's Falcon Family Business jet cockpit, France's Landing Parts, and Gear on April 18 after a short ceremony. This is the first phase of the company.

This project has 50 engineers, including five engineers and 30 technicians. Many engineers have the opportunity of employment in expanding. Dhirubhai Ambani Aerospace Park will stand on 106 acres in Mihan-SEZ. This park has a 56-acre Dassault Reliance Aerospace Limited project. Initially, the introduction of cockpit connectivity and smooth sections of 20,000 sq ft space has been started. The construction and construction of the machinery in this place has started in 60 days under the leadership of DRL Chief Executive Officer Sampatkumar and Chief Executive Officer Robert Luke. Since September 2017, both the officers are in Nagpur. Workshop has been created to provide latest training to new people at this place. Initially, the company has given training to five engineers in France's Dassault Aviation company for six months. After training he started work on the project. About 30 technicians have been trained at special training centers in Kamati.

Within three years of the park, the formation of Falcon aircraft and the five years of combat aircraft Rafael is created. India has purchased 65 aircraft from France for 65,000 crores. It is compulsory to invest half of the total investment into the country. Under this, Dassault Reliance Aerospace Limited has started work in Mihan-SEZ.

Dassault Reliance Aerospace Company has imported machinery from France to manufacture segments. Container machinery from France was brought to Chennai from Nagpur and from there to Nagpur. More machinery will be imported under the requirement and expansion.

With the creation of airline holidays, Nagpur has the potential to become aerospace hub. France's Turges and Guy has purchased one acre of land in Air India MRO and toll companies for the creation of airline holidays. After the monsoon, the construction and actual construction will take place from February 2019. The company is going to provide drywall to the company. The company's bhumi pujan happened on 20th April. Four days back, 35 companies from France Aerospace Industries Association (GIFAS) of 20 companies visited Mihan-Sege, a company of 260 companies operating in France and Europe. Some of them have shown interest in starting the project in this area. Air India has a MRO in this area; Moreover, the work of Indumar MRO is in progress. Also, the construction of 1400 meter taxi-well has been started from Air India's MRO. This is why other companies are keen to start an industry in Mihan-Sage, sources said.

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