10 Degree Celcius In Nagpur

  • 10 Degree Celcius In Nagpur
    10 Degree Celcius In Nagpur
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In the new year, there was a little bit bored in the environment. So, it started to feel that the cold would slowly fall down. The temperature increased by 7.8 degrees Celsius to 10.5 degrees Celsius. However, in the past week, there was sudden dip of 2.3 degrees Celsius due to sudden rise in temperature. Although the minimum temperature in the city is above 10 degree Celsius since last two days, the hail remains in the atmosphere.
During the third week of December, it became very cold in the winter giving a pleasant catch during this season. Last month, Nagpur recorded a low of 7.8 degrees Celsius. This was the lowest rate of the season. However, from the first day of the new year there was a slight increase in temperature. This increase reached 10.5 on January 3. But on January 4, it had dropped by 2.3 points. On Sunday, the minimum temperature in the city rose to 11, while the minimum temperature in Gondia reached 8.4. Even though there has been a slight increase in passes, the leak is still there. There are still many people who are still wearing warm clothes while wearing clothes. This scenario will continue for the next week. Nagpur had been sitting around the fireplace in the morning and evening, and it appears that he was getting bored. The temperature of 10 to 11 degree Celsius is expected to remain in Nagpur. Cold waves in the north have led to the cold wave in Madhya Pradesh. The direct impact of cold weather in this region is on the eastern Vidharbha region. It has spread cold in Nagpur and Vidarbha. Madhya Pradesh's Reva recorded 3.5 degrees Celsius and Navogong recorded 4.1 degrees Celsius.

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