Shiv Sena city chief kills 2 girls

  • Shiv Sena city chief kills 2 girls
    Shiv Sena city chief kills 2 girls
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On the Baramati-Morgaon road, the driver of the city's Baramati city car rammed into two boys and girls in Karhavag. Today, on the morning of Thursday morning, the accident happened around 9:30. Both of them died on the spot. So a girl is injured. After this incident, Shiv Sena city chief escaped. The angry villagers torched the car.

Shiva's Baramati City chief Pappu Mane was walking towards Morgaon. Manoj Vitkar (13), Divya Dnyaneshwar Pawar (14) and Payal Lashkar were going to the school for the review on the Karhavagaj road on the Baramati-Morgaon road. At the same time, the car got hit by the car. It reviewed and died on the spot on the lamp. But the wick has been injured. After the accident, the car stopped and left. As soon as the information was received, the villagers reached the spot. After understanding that they had gone, they broke the car and set it on fire.

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