Raid at Red Light Area Ganga Jamuna

  • Raid at Red Light Area Ganga Jamuna
    Raid at Red Light Area Ganga Jamuna
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 Nagpur: Crime Branch raided the Jismafroshi base of the Ganga-Jamuna settlement in the city on Thursday and arrested seven prostitutes and 5 clients from the woman's broker Ashazia's base. This is the first action of the year. Prostitutes caught have been sent to the women's home. In this case, the police has registered a case under Section 370, 34 and Section 3, 4, 5, of the accused in the Lakganj police station.

In the case of Asha Kejia's police is looking for. He is the desired accused of Lakhganj Police. It is said that due to good clutter with some staff in his Woodgun Police Chowk, he often escapes during action. According to police sources, the secret police received the secret information that Ganga Jamuna Basti's women's hope was given by the room on rent for women and women by giving them jismophosos.

- Social Security Squad inspector Vikram Goud raided the Jismafrosi base of Asha Kejia with the colleagues. 7 prostitutes, including some women and women, were freed from this base.

Many female brokers have more than 20 prostitutes

- Many female brokers are running the Jismophoshi base in Ganga-Jamuna Basti. Many female brokers have more than 20 prostitutes Whenever the police takes the guerrilla action at this place, then the young girls of the age group are hiding in the halls built under the jismophoshi.

- This was also revealed in the previous year's action. In the room where the jismophosi was done from these prostitutes, they were hiding in the underground rooms under the bed, the police could not reach them, but the Deputy Commissioner Abhinash Kumar also exposed his secret room.

- After his action in this settlement, the desolation was complete. Many female brokers went by selling their houses. Once again, the business of Jismophoshi started getting buzzing in the Ganga Jamuna settlement.

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