Man From Up Was Sold In Pune For 1000

  •   Man From Up Was Sold In Pune For 1000
    Man From Up Was Sold In Pune For 1000
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Shocking information has been issued that a youth from Uttar Pradesh has been sold in Pune for one thousand rupees and has been forced to beg for him. In this case, the police registered a case and more investigation is under way.

Anup Singh is the name of this young man. He is a resident of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. Five months ago he came to Mumbai in search of employment and found in the trap of a trafficking gang. This gang kidnapped him and beat him severely. Then he sold a woman named Dhunu Kale in Pune for a thousand rupees. After that, he was asked to earn a minimum of 1500 rupees a day and begged him on the traffic signal.

While on a traffic signal on Tuesday, Yogesh Malhotare, who runs the NGO, has been seen as anoop. Dhunu Kale was accompanied by him. Yogesh was skeptical of seeing both of them. So Yogesh got down from the car and Dhunu ran away from there. Anoopne also took advantage of this opportunity and told Yogesh all the facts and requested him to take out this swamp.

Meanwhile, Anup's complaint has been registered by the police and the police are investigating more. Anupa has one hand and leg broken. There are coughs that cigarette chicks have given to his body. "If the government starts collecting information about beggars, then many shocking things will come out," Yogesh said.

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