GST's raid, gold biscuits, diamonds seized

  • GST's raid, gold biscuits, diamonds seized
    GST's raid, gold biscuits, diamonds seized
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For the first time after the GST was implemented, the GST department has seized the crores of crores of rupees by raids. The GST department has raided the Angadiya operatives and seized Rs 94 crore from them. Pure diamonds, gold biscuits, jewelery and cash are also caught on the ship. So, the diamonds of diamond merchants are tremendous.

Some Angadia workers were brought to Mumbai from Gujarat by the GST department on January 5. As the Angadias did not have the documents related to this parcel, the Kuriris were taken into custody. It includes 69 crores of diamonds, 16 crores of gold and silver ornaments and gold biscuits worth Rs. 3 crores. In addition, cash worth Rs 4 crore and foreign currency worth 60 lakhs have been seized. Meanwhile, the gold biscuit seized by the GST department and the Income Tax Department are part of the smuggled that are brought from abroad.

"85 couriers from Gujarat were seized. It includes 90 bags. There were 1042 large parcels in this bag. Of these, only 200 parcels had documents related to GST. So 842 parcels had no documents. So, this parcel is being investigated, 'GST commissioner N. Raghavan said. So this matter is not related to the tax. But it is related to the paperwork. GST officials have confiscated parcel since they do not have the necessary documents. After we issue the papers, we will get the parcel, "said diamond merchant Naresh Mehta.

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