Death of a young man, not accidental death

  • Death of a young man, not accidental death
    Death of a young man, not accidental death
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The relatives said that Saurabh Naresh Raut (22), found in the Shambhunagar Railway Route, was killed in a train and was killed. In this case, the Coradi police registered only casual death. Saurabh's father Naresh Raut has alleged that the murder of Saurabh Baliati is being carried out by his friends and they are being policemen.

According to Naresh Raut, Saurabh was working in the Metro Rail. On the evening of September 28, Pratish, a friend of Saurabh, came home. Saurabh accompanied him to visit the Koradi temple. At around 11 pm, he came back to the house of Saurabh. Saurabh's mother Anu asked about Solanki. Anu told him that Saurabh had gone with you. Two hours ago I left for Saurabh in the square and told Anu. Pritesh returned to Saurabh's house on September 29. He took his helmet. He also told Anu that Saurabh would be sleeping on his friend. Anu got the information that Saurabh's body was found in Shambhunagar area in no time. Anu reached there along with relatives. Saurabh's body was about ten feet away from the railway track.

Naresh also blamed the accusation that he was taken there. The relatives of Saurabh expressed doubt that Saurabh was killed. Anu told the police that Saurabh had gone with Pritish. They demanded that the police should conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. Saurabh also asked the relatives. Prateesh said that Ashish, his friend and Saurabh had gone to Shambhunagar. They were drinking alcohol there. Saurabh went to the railway track while going to the small town. The train hit him. Three of the voices went there. But not visible. All of them were scared and moved out. Ashish was absent for three days after the incident.

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