20 lakh cash looted from ATM's

  • 20 lakh cash looted from ATM's
    20 lakh cash looted from ATM's
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Theft Cut two ATMs and collected cash of twenty lakh rupees from it. This sensational act of theft occurred in the village of Dongargaon under Hingna late on late night. This is the second big case of theft in the ATM center within one and a half months. While this incident has stirred up a stir in the bank officers and the police department, there is also doubt about the case. So far, no clue has been found for the accused.

In the morning cleanliness workers were stunned by the condition of the machine

- Bank of India's ATM center is located in Dongargaon, Wardha Road. Two machines are engaged in the same center, which is rented in the house of a person named Ganesh Dhuvar. Someone entered the ATM center on the night of Friday and Saturday. After coming inside the ATM shutter had dropped.

- After that, the accused repeatedly cut off both the ATM machine with the help of a gas cutter and stolen cash of about Rs.19, 73 thousand 400 rupees from it.

- In the morning when the cleaning worker Ashok rushed to the place to clean up, he was stunned to see the condition of the machine. He informed the bank manager Narendra Dhaute (37) Manewada resident immediately for theft. Apart from the top police officers on the information of Narendra, the people of the EPS who deposited the cash in the ATM also reached.

No sabotage heard, sound money stolen from unused ATMs

The people of the agency said that, they had deposited cash at that ATM center just before the incident. Which was stolen. The police has questioned the landlord Ganesh Dhavai and other people in the premises, but they say they have no information of theft and neither have they heard the voice of subversion. Meanwhile, empty containers of the machine have been found in the garbage at intervals of ATM center only.

Patrol team also surrounds suspicion

A half and a half months ago, after the incident of theft in the ATM, the police patrol team took stock of the ATM's safeness on the night. Even during the latest developments, the police believe that at around 2 o'clock in the night, they took stock of the ATM. At that time, everything was fine. According to sources, due to cutting of two ATM machines, the accused will have to take a lot of time to complete the incident. If the patrol party reached there late at two o'clock at night, then the accused should have been involved in the police, but it has not happened. The patrol team has also come under suspicion.

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