TV actors work like dogs !: Saif

  • TV actors work like dogs !: Saif
    TV actors work like dogs !: Saif
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The creators of the small screen are confined to the idea. They work as artists and do hard work as a dog. Moreover, they do not pay much to artists. By working with them, our thoughts also get compressed. That is why I do not want to work for the TV, "said the actor, who has said that the actor has presented the opinion of Saif Ali Khan.

Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are currently playing a small screen through different shows. Shahrukh Khan is coming with a new TV show. On this backdrop, when Saif was asked, he questioned the question altogether. 'Small ideas make our thoughts even smaller. The budget decreases and quality of dealing with each other deteriorates. People in this country should have just starched. There is a big difference between a TV star and a film star. Because, the creators of the TV are of a lot of ideas. That's the reason I'm away from the TV, "Saif said.

According to digital media, there will be no problem with the theaters. People always love watching movies outside the house. People will see in the future. Watching your movie is a celebration. Of course, the producers have to make such films, "he said.

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